Reach out to your audience, right on their browser, at a specific time on all devices

Browsers & devices supported

PushBlog currently supports Chrome (version 42 and above), and Firefox (version 44 and above) on desktop. On mobiles, the technology is available only on Android OS on Chrome.

Schedule your notifications

With PushBlog, you can even schedule your notifications for a time of your choice. So if you know when your audience is most active, you can simply schedule a notification for that time. This will help get more attention and more clicks.

Send interest-based, personalised, and relevant communications

Add context to each notification by adding a custom image

To lend more context to your notifications, you can change the image in each notification. This will make your notifications more impactful and give an instant visual connect.

Send notification to a segment

Using our segmentation feature, you can group your audience into various buckets / segments, depending on any condition such as geography, interests, or absolutely howsoever you’d like to. You can then send notifications to particular segments.


Two powerful APIs to help you implement some sophisticated use-cases such as sending a notification to an individual, mapping your internal data about your audience with their PushBlog IDs to send contextual communications, and much more.

We’re here to help

Get support on Email, Skype, and TeamViewer Sessions

Get support on email and Skype. Facing an issue that you can’t resolve? Our developers will be glad to come on a video call / TeamViewer session and help you solve the issue real-time.

Notification Consultant will help build push notifications strategy

For enterprise accounts, we even have a notification consultant who’ll help devise a push notifications strategy for your online business. Ensuring that you get the maximum possible ROI from your communications.

Implementation Engineer to help you with all things tech

The implementation engineer will be your POC for all things tech. Facing an issue, or want to implement a use-case with the APIs? Your PushBlog IE will help you do that.

And the setup is as easy as pie

Works on both HTTP and HTTPS websites

Have an HTTP website? You just have to add a code. Have an HTTPS website? You just have to add a code and 4 files at the /root of your domain. If you have Google Tag Manager, you can even add the code through it.

One-click integrations for Joomla & WordPress

If your website is on Joomla or WordPress, we have one-click integration in form of plugins available. You just have to install the plugin, enter your account ID, and it's done!

2,000,00+ Notifications Delivered
1,000+ Websites Using PushBlog
25% Average click-rate